PMAM Lyceum


Following the lead of the National Apartment Association, the Property Management Association of Michigan established the PMAM Leadership Lyceum program.

Our goal with this program is to develop dynamic and enthusiastic leaders of our Association. 

Company Overview
In 2013, the Property Management Association of Michigan developed their PMAM Leadership Lyceum program designed to help identify and develop a well-informed and highly motivated group of emerging multifamily housing leaders; people with a broad-based vision for, and strong commitment to the mission and strategic objectives of PMAM and its affiliated associations.

There were 16 PMAM Leadership Lyceum candidates and the graduation was held in November 2013. The second session was held in December 2013.
PMAM Lyceum program offers rigorous course offerings and a broad requirement of PMAM related experience. The next session will be held on December 9-10, 2014.

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graduateGeneral Information

Graduates of the PMAM Leadership Lyceum program are expected to support the organization with key positions of leadership in local affiliates, PMAM and/or the National Apartment Association.

Graduates will also seek to find and mentor others to become committed to the association and become Leadership Lyceum graduates themselves to further the goals of PMAM.

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